Kids Summer Activity Club WK3 - Leicester Forest East

Kids Summer Activity Club WK3 - Leicester Forest East

Remaining Places available each day;
Monday 27th July = 34
Tuesday 28th July = 33
Wednesday 29th July = 31
Thursday 30th July = 30
Friday 31st July = 32

Half way through the summer holidays and still lots of new activities to try at our exciting holiday camp! busy days at Leicester Forest East for children aged 5-13 years to suit everyone's interests!

Clubszone will make sure there are plenty of activities available to meet all the interests of the children throughout each day.

The team will encourage all the children to try all the range of activities listed below;

Sports; Cricket, Tag Rugby, Tennis, Rounders, Football, DodgeBall, Basketball, Uni Hock, Netball, French Bowles, Golf Games, Handball, Volleyball and Capture the Flag

Performing Arts; Dance, Drama and Singing

Outside facilities are fantastic with Cricket Nets, Full size tennis court and plenty of field space. We plan to have indoor facilities for rainy days and extended hours such as Table Football, Pool, Darts, Air Hockey and Table Tennis.

All questions can be answered on our About us page regarding cancellations and which items to bring along with all other details you may wish to know.

If you would like to book Extended Hours (8:00am - 5:30pm) or Early Drop (8:00am - 8:50am) you can do this on the 'Book Now' page an select from the additional options.

The Clubszone TUCKSHOP will also be available for children at lunch and at home time each day of the club. This will include carton drinks and snacks at low prices.

Come and Enjoy the FUN ;)


Important info

  • Ages 5-13
  • Time: 09:00-15:30
    If extended hours are available then this can be booked on the Book Now page
  • 27-Jul-20 to 31-Jul-20
  • Club type: Holiday Club
    Summer Camps ;)