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Meet The Team


Passionate about creating exciting opportunities for children aged 5 – 13 to stay active and enjoy fun activities.

Having over 18 year's experience in the primary school and customer services industry has helped us create excellent holiday camps and clubs for kids!

Our mascots love to visit the camps and join the fun!


Organising all of our holiday clubs and school contracts throughout term time.

Ensuring our high standards satisfy everyone involved with our services.  


Our camp managers will ensure the day to day of our holiday camps run to our high standards and deal with procedures and customers service on site.

Communicating with both children and parents daily to make sure we provide all the activities throughout the program!


Full of energy ready to provide fun filled activities to all the children taking part in our camps!

Building strong relationships with their activity groups and joining in the games is what creates memories for those taking part with us!


Exciting roles we introduced during summer 2021 and turned out to be very successful! We encourage children that have outgrown the club to join us in this new role and give them a steppingstone towards their developments as individuals.  Great way for them to stay involved and learn new skills!

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