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Leicester Forest Rugby Club

Updated: May 18, 2023


We are pleased to annouced that we have secured the hire of Leicester Forest Rugby Club as a replacement for our previous venue (Ivanhoe Cricket Club).

We are excited to bring more fun memories to the children that have attended for the past 10 years :)

Benefits will include a larger indoor space and access to the 4G pitch and field for some of our activities!

Please turn right instead of left when you turn into the sports complex from the Hinckley Road.



For children to use the 4G pitch (All weather pitch) children will need to wear moulded boots to play on it.

If your child does have this footwear, please bring them to the club!

If you have any old boots that could be donated to the club then please also bring these with you for other children to borrow. It would be much appreciated!

We will also be investing in spare boots for children to borrow in the case they do not have access to this kind of footwear from home.

In the summer holidays we will be using the field and inside as much as possible. Children wanting to play football, tag rugby and other team sports may wish to experiecne the 4G area.


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